Pixley Falls

Pixley Falls State Park

Yesterday was full of activity. I made my way up to the Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts in the morning and was able to squeeze in a trip up to Pixley Falls State Park in the afternoon. I should have been completing something for work but it was too damn nice out to be thinking that way… LOL

I came back from Pixley Falls with some great images. I was finally able to get an image of the main falls without any people in the scene. I processed the image normally but thought I would try something different. I watched a video Saturday night from Pat Saizan Photography on her workflow to create a watercolor image from one of her photographs. I really liked what she created.

It has taken me a couple of tries today to create something similar and I think I still need some more practice but it was fun learning a different technique. Normally I would use one of my plug-in applications but this new method allowed for more control over the final product. I’ll try not to overwhelm everyone with this new “art” I’m creating… 🙂


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Pixley Falls