It’s Your Time

Floral, Midday, Macro

When I slow down and take the time to be more self-aware I realize my photography has shifted slightly. I’ve always explained myself as a landscape photographer. I chase the rising and setting sun. I drive to the locales for the grand vistas. I still do that, but now I am interested in the details.

The macro lens has spent more time on the camera then any of the other lenses in my bag. I love exploring the myopic view of my surroundings this lens provides. I can show the intricate textures in the petals of a daisy or the amazing detail of Queen Anne’s Lace before it opens to the world.

After chasing the full moon on Saturday morning I was determined to use my weekend to explore. The walking trails in the Griffiss International Sculpture Garden have become old friends to me. I especially enjoy the varying foliage as well as the patches of planted flowers. I was happy to find a particular flower bed in full bloom. And yes, I was the photographer laying in the grass as the other walkers passed by… no worries, I’m OK, the angle is better from down here.

It's Your Time

Changing paradigm
A friendly hand extended
Reach out, it's your time
It’s Your Time
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 Macro, 1/1250s, f/2.8, ISO 200

10 responses to “It’s Your Time

  1. My misc. thoughts… I love that the trails have become your old friends. And I miss Queen Anne’s Lace! I saw your black-and-white of it furled. I can’t fully lie down on the ground in Florida: fire ants. So I crouch and stoop until my bad back warns me that’s enough for now. I love that you are changing and becoming more self-aware too, just adding interests and passions, and further developing your talents really! 🙂

    • It’s kinda funny, when I started I was chasing the likes and looking for recognition. I worried about the gear and worked on technical perfection. But it wasn’t the same as when an image spoke to someone. I had always titled my images but I found the titles evolved as well. Now it is about making an image that expresses a feeling or a mood, there is still the occasional pretty picture, but I like it better when people feel the image. That is were the words help me take it to the next level…

      • Love it! But I’m a seer/feeler by nature and especially via images. You should try, since you are in this new phase, writing more about what you are seeing and feeling in them, like less about the chronological and technical process and more about the moment itself. It’s in your titles and now haiku. It’s in you, in the other non-engineer parts.

      • There is a section on my blog and website that is my “Story”. I started re-writing it this weekend. Removing the technical and exploring the non-engineer side of my photography.

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