Beach Club Light

Beach Club Resort, Crescent Lake, Walt Disney World

Is it nostalgia or pining? Returning to the images I captured at Walt Disney World in May for this morning’s post. The 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is right around the corner (October 1st). I guess it is a little of both…

If it was truly nostalgia then this post would be of Cinderella Castle. Maybe that one will be next?

Pining it is. I would love to be in the Magic Kingdom for the anniversary but my love/hate relationship with Walt Disney World is leaning toward the hate side right now. I know, a strong word, but that is how it feels. There are numerous reasons but I will not bore you with those… you’re welcome. Wait, I think it is reminiscing? Yep, that seems to be it.

Right now I can enjoy the early morning view of the Beach Club. This is one of my favorite times of the day. Well before most guests wake. When it is only me running around the lake capturing the views, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Beach Club Light
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-100mm f/4, 3.2s, 17mm, f/11, ISO 200