Searching Autumn

Pixley Falls State Park

Saturday morning was a beautiful start to the weekend. I hurried through my normal weekend chores and by the time the clouds cleared I was ready to search for autumn colors. I decided against any down state excursions as I think I have another week before the colors will be near peak. I headed north out of Rome with Pixley Falls in my sights.

The drive to the park was only slightly encouraging. There appeared to be more bare trees than colorful leaves. I was fairly confident I hadn’t missed peak time but I was definitely thinking I messed up my planning. I drove on hoping I would be able to find a few interesting images even if they would be leaves in the streams.

I was happy to see the water in the river at an optimal level. I wanted a waterfall that would show definition in a long exposure but not so much water as to be a blur of white. Also, the river down stream of the falls was walkable. I could get out into the middle and capture a few different views. OK, my mood was improving.

Fall Down
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 0.3s, 12mm, f/11, ISO 100

I liked the angle for my first image. I rarely get a chance to view the falls from the left. I only wished I had a little more autumn color in to show off. It was time to explore additional possibilities.

There was a section of the river that was full of fallen leaves and large, calm pools of water. Reflection time! I was so excited I almost tripped on a rock as I worked my way to my vantage point. Slow down, the waterfall isn’t going anywhere. I kept thinking I needed to hurry because at any moment additional visitors to the park could find their way down to the falls and wander into my scene. I found the view I wanted! Whew! No people…

Follow Me Down
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 0.5s, 17mm, f/11, ISO 100

There must be more views. I worked my way further down stream hoping to find colorful leaves I could worked into the foreground. A spot from the trail about a dozen feet above the river was promising but after capturing a few images I realized the best view was below me. I walked back toward the falls, and then worked my way into the riverbed. Luckily it was any easy trek to the spot I wanted. I set up again for a good reflection using a few branches to frame the scene. Damn I love reflections in the water…

Leaves Fall
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 0.6s, 16mm, f/11, ISO 100

OK. Back to the waterfall. I think there is one more image I want. Pixley Falls looks good in profile. The sun would be behind me lighting the entire scene. I can work in more of the trees and maybe get some of that autumn color I wanted. I’ve captured this view a lot over the years. I never get tired of it.

Pixley Autumn
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8, 0.4s, 12mm, f/11, ISO 100

2 responses to “Searching Autumn

  1. I think my favorite is “Follow me down” but it’s a hard decision. I love the color in the next one, and REALLY like the profile shot, that green on the rocks really pops.

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