Goose, Goose, Geese

Bellamy Harbor Park

OK, it started out at 4F degrees when I went out for the sunrise but it was -4F by the time I got back home. I would have been OK with the temp but my walk away from the car was apparently with the breeze and the walk back nearly froze my face off. Damn, it was cold!

I found where the geese decided to sleep for the night. I suppose the water was a good 30F warmer than the air but still looked cold to me. When I came around the west side of the Mohawk River to capture the view I wanted, the geese didn’t like how close I was getting and started to move away. Although a few might be blurry due to the shutter speed, having them farther out in the water does add to the story of the image. You can see “steam” over the ice in the Barge Canal.

OK, I’m getting cold again looking at this image, time for another cup of coffee…

Goose, Goose, Geese
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M.
Zuiko 12-100mm f/4, 1/6s, 20mm, f/11, ISO 400

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