Spring Hopeful

Griffiss International Sculpture Garden

About an hour before sunset on Saturday I went for a walk at the Griffiss International Sculpture Garden. I decided to only take my Pen-F camera with the 17mm lens. I wasn’t looking for macros this time but trying to see the park differently. I was hoping to catch of few of the sculptures against the winter snow and blue sky. When I came upon Persephone, by Howard Kalish, I knew I was going to capture this one. The colors jumped out at me! Normally I like this one best when it is illuminated at night but in the late afternoon sun I think it shined very bright.

Spring Hopeful
Persephone, Artist: Howard Kalish
Olympus Pen-F, M. Zuiko 17mm f/1.8, 1/125s, f/11, ISO 200

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