Sunset Water

Bellamy Harbor

It happened again! No, it wasn’t a bad thing. I don’t think? No, it was good.

It was raining when I got home from work. No problem, other than it was not in the forecast to rain. But I digress… The boys were fed, dinner consumed and I was settling in with a good book. I didn’t get very far. The sun started peeking through the front door.

Hhhmmm? Will there be anything good for a sunset? Maybe? You won’t know unless get out there. Right!

I grab a cold drink, the camera bag and head out the door.

Choices? Where should I go? Check the app on the phone… Sun sets at 7:53pm, moon rises at 8:30pm. Maybe I can get both? Yes! The angles are right for Bellamy Harbor. Turning right at the end of the street.

Wow! That is a lot of water in the canal. It looks like a river of chocolate! I might have mentioned we have had a lot of rain. It will be OK. Brown is a color, right?

I head for the Mill St. bridge, the one over the canal which gives me the big view of Bellamy Harbor. As I walk across the bridge the view doesn’t impress me. It has potential though… give it time. I continue across and work my way to a spot under the bridge. This spot has a few views.

I grab some images. There is barely any breeze. The water is calm. Good for reflections. I like reflections, have always been a sucker for them. I really like the view of the water tower and the canal heading East. OK, one keeper for sure.

Ooh! The sun ducked behind the wispy clouds. Where do I setup? Hurry! It is starting to emerge. How about something different? Try putting the underside of the bridge in the top of the frame. It might work. Try it! Wow, huge dynamic range. Bracket the crap out this one, you can merge them in post-processing. Got it. Next?

I head back across the bridge. More clouds have moved in. A few more clicks from up here.

Back on the “normal” side of the canal I try again for the view with the sun behind one of the glass globed lamp posts. Maybe? We’ll see. It might work. I’ll know when I see it on the computer screen. I like the idea. I said, we’ll see.

Look! The sun dropped behind the trees and into the low layer of clouds on the horizon. Look at those colors! I race back to the bridge. Hurry up! You’re gonna miss it. Middle of the bridge is the spot. Yes! Lots of clouds, fill the top half with the clouds. The bottom will be the colors reflected in the water. Got it! Whew! I think that is the one.

I wait on the bridge. It’s another fifteen minutes until the official sunset. I’m hoping for reflected colors in the clouds after the sun goes below the horizon. Not looking too good. Wait anyway! You’re in no hurry. Besides, you wanted the moon rising.

I turn around and look toward the East. Nope, not getting the moon rising tonight. Not a clear spot in the sky. No worries! There will be another chance…

The colors in the clouds never appear. Fifteen minutes after sunset I pack it in. I head home to see my treasures…

Sunset Water
Olympus E-M1 Mark III, M. Zuiko 12-100mm f/4, 1/25s, 15mm, f/11, ISO 200