Sunday Exploration

Trenton Falls Scenic Trail

Only twice a year! The Trenton Falls Scenic Trail is only opened twice a year. I missed it last year when it opened after two years of closure due to the pandemic. I was not going to miss it this year. As soon as the date was set for the Spring I added it to my calendar.

Saturday was supposed to be heavy rains (which barely arrived late in the afternoon) and Sunday was going to be nicer. In the morning, I wasn’t so confident I would be able to go as the clouds were hanging around and it was unexpectedly raining (barely, but still!).

Around 10:30am the day started to turn the corner toward being nice… so, I went to the the falls. I was hoping the early morning weather would keep the crowds lite (it did!). Very few people on the trails and at the overlook locations. I was able to get as many pictures as I wanted. The bonus was the overcast sky definitely helped with exposing the water correctly as I wanted long exposures.

After the trail was fully explored I stopped downstream at my favorite location on the West Canada Creek. The area around Morgan’s Mill Dam was totally photogenic as the sun started to make an appearance.

Come along with me and see what used to be a tourist stop in Central New York back in the early 1800’s…

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